Streamline Your Fashion Business: What to Know About SyncLogic

If you run an online fashion business and want to reduce time-consuming operations, I have good news: an app called SyncLogic can automatically add new merchandise to your store, track inventory and generate orders. You heard it right— orders can be automatically sent to your wholesale drop shipper for processing, new products can come to you, and you won't need to track inventory. SyncLogic can do it for you! 

There is one caveat. Today, SyncLogic works only with Shopify and not with other ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Wix and WooCommerce. Bloom selected Shopify for many reasons, but a major consideration was the ability to offer customers a way to sync inventory and automate orders. This means, when Bloom adds a product, it can appear on your store within seconds and inventory will adjust real-time. When an order is placed on your website, Bloom automatically receives a draft order, and you receive an invoice for the wholesale cost. Once paid, Boom processes and ships the order. You're done!  

Together, SyncLogic and Bloom Dropship make running a boutique business easier than ever. However, initial set-up and learning about how to customize your operations will take time. To make the process easier, this blog answers frequently asked questions when setting up SyncLogic. Let’s get started. 

Q: I sent a request to connect with Bloom and it's been accepted. Why don’t I see all the products? 

A: The initial sync can take over 48 hours (about 2 days) to sync 500+ apparel items and thousands of variants. Once complete, Bloom’s weekly launch items will sync immediately and appear in your store by 8am EST every Tuesday. 

Q: How do I make Bloom’s apparel items appear on my website? 

A: All products will sync over as drafts and will not automatically publish on your website, giving you the choice to choose what to post and sell on your website. Use the bulk editor feature to activate multiple items you want to sell. Remember to also make them active on your sales channel. 

Q: How do I change the wholesale price to my retail price for each product? 

A: We recommend using "Price Transformation." Keep price sync'd in settings and enter a percentage to increase the wholesale price to a desired retail price. For example, if you want to double a wholesale price of $14.00, enter "200" in the Price Transformation percentage field. Set-up price transformation BEFORE you click “Connect” to Bloom Dropship. 

Q: I spent hours setting up tags and organizing items. Why did it change?

A: SyncLogic automatically sync's new products and variants to your store. It will also match your store settings with Bloom's settings daily. If you customize a field in settings (i.e., tags, titles, descriptions), you must disable sync for that field to avoid it being overridden. Likewise, if you manually adjust prices, you must disable sync for “price” to avoid it reverting to wholesale prices. Disable sync for tags, descriptions, etc., BEFORE you click “Connect” to Bloom Dropship. 

Q: How do I change the product profile photo? 

A: The profile photo that Bloom selects for each product will show on your store unless you disable sync for “photos” in settings. Turning sync off will allow you to edit or select a different profile photo without it reverting to Bloom’s selection. Disable sync for photos BEFORE you click “Connect” to Bloom Dropship. 

Q: An order was placed on my website. How do I make sure Bloom Dropship receives it? 

A: When a customer places an order on your website, Bloom will automatically receive a draft order and you will receive an invoice for the wholesale cost. Once paid, the inventory is held, and the final order is processed and shipped. You do not need to do a thing! Once the order is shipped, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking number. 

Q: Why does my customer's shipping address keep switching to the billing address when I pay the invoice? 

A: We addressed this issue with Shopify, who confirmed that Shop Pay and SyncLogic (both third-party apps) do not work well together and can cause addresses to switch. We see a big decrease with this issue when customers use the credit/debit card choice vs. Shop Pay while paying invoices. Please contact SyncLogic if you encounter this issue. 

Q: How do I find Bloom merchandise or products from a weekly launch?

A: To find Bloom Dropship products, go to the “Products” link and click the “Tagged With” tab and enter “Bloom” or the name of the weekly launch, such as “Bloom 02-15-22." This will aggregate all Bloom products or a particular weekly launch. Note that presale items do not sync until they convert to a launch every Tuesday at 8am EST. 

Q: Can I change the title or description of a product? 

A: You can edit or change the product title and description that Bloom Dropship provides. To do this, disable sync for “Title” and “Description” in the settings. You will still initially receive all information but turning off sync will allow you to make edits without the changes being overrode by daily sync. 

Q: How do I contact SyncLogic? 

A: While Bloom Dropship does its best to assist with questions, SyncLogic is responsible to address an issue while using their services. To contact customer service, go to the Shopify Apps page and click “Get Support” next to the SyncLogic logo. They respond within 24 hours and are extremely helpful. 

For more information, Bloom Dropship has compiled a Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up SyncLogic: Sync Your Site with Bloom Dropship Inventory – Bloom Drop Ship (

SyncLogic also offers video tutorials on their YouTube page: 

We hope this blog has helped by providing answers to frequently asked questions when setting up SyncLogic. We also hope you've been inspired to try SyncLogic (click here for a 30-day free trial). The benefits of streamlining your retail business, while saving hours of admin time, far outweigh the cost.