Sync Your Site with Bloom Dropship Inventory

Shopify and Synclogic: Connecting with Bloom

If you have a store on the Shopify platform, you can sync Bloom Dropship inventory with your online site using the SyncLogic App. This app can also seamlessly sync customer orders made on your online site to Bloom Dropship, saving hours of data entry. In order to sync you need the following:

  • Shopify web store.
  • SyncLogic App for $19.99 per month 

*Warning* Before syncing please follow the step-by-step instructions. 

Shopify Sync Code: F8TQ2PMH

1. Download the Synclogic App in the Shopify Webstore (please allow 2-4 hours for the app to fully download in Shopify before beginning)

2. Go into the settings of Synclogic for initial set up (left hand side of the screen)

3. Make sure that the box is checked next to “Sync all fields when Synclogic creates new products.” Scroll down and disable " Online Store Visibility (Online Store published state)." This setting will make it so that when products get sync'd they will be offline and you will have time to review them on your site before making them live.

4. Next scroll down until you see "Inventory tracking"and "Inventory quantity." Leave these as Sync.

Below that you will see "Allow purchases when out of stock (setting).Disable that.

You may also want to disable the setting for “price” if you want the ability to change pricing without using the Price Transformation.

You may also want to disable the setting for “tags” If you use tags to place your products in collections. Otherwise, you can manually add them into collections.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and click the blue save button.

6. Next, click “Subscribe to Connection” into upper right corner

7. Enter the connection code F8TQ2PMH 

8. Under “Matching Strategy,” click “match products with handle on accepted connection.

9. Under “Create Products”, mark the check box next to “Create new products when one is not found with your selected matching strategy

10. Under “Unlink Behavior” mark Unpublish Product

11. Next to “Field Transformations”, click on the blue “optional” button and locate price transformation options.

12. Important management of SyncLogic Settings

SyncLogic will automatically sync new product and variants (i.e., sizes, tags, vendor, description, price) and is designed to routinely match your products and settings with Bloom's site daily. This means, if you customize any field in settings, you must disable sync for that field to avoid being overridden. For example, if you customize tags, you must disable sync for "tags" in settings or they will revert to Bloom's tags.  Like tags, if you change prices without disabling sync in settings, prices will revert to wholesale prices. You have two options to manage price:

Option One: Disable sync in the price settings. This allows you to manually edit the prices on all items to your desired retail price. If price sync is disabled, your retail price will not revert back to our wholesale pricing.

Option Two: We recommend using "price transformation" where you enter a percentage to increase the wholesale price to your desired retail price. For example, if you want to double a wholesale price of $14.00, enter "200" in the Price Transformation % Field. If you want the price to be 2.5x more, enter "250." In the example below, we put 250% and 99 as the rounded amount for a $14.00 wholesale item to get a retail price of $35.99 to show on the website.

*Warning: you must select one of these two options. If you change prices without disabling price sync, pricing will revert back to wholesale pricing. Why? Synclogic constantly updates and aligns your store with Bloom's system every minute to keep all variables sync'd exactly. The good news is other than pricing, just a few fields need to be disabled. It's your preference. Now you are ready to Click the blue Connect button.

13. After clicking the "Connect" your pending connection will show up under Subscribed Connections as "Pending Parent Acceptance" and we will very shortly accept you. Once you’ve been accepted, it will then say “Approved”. Please allow 24 hours for all products from Bloom Inventory to sync to your Shopify back end.

How Does SyncLogic Work?

  • When a customer orders something from your website that is and/or contains a Bloom Item, Synclogic will automatically send an order to Bloom Dropship. You will then receive an auto invoice from Bloom. The invoice will contain your wholesale cost as well as shipping. Make sure that the shipping address and name is correct for your customer and continue to pay. Once you’ve paid for the item, the item is held for you, and you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Once the item has shipped, you will get individualized emails for each customer order with the tracking number. You can than go into your Shopify orders and “fulfill” that customer order with tracking.
  • Web Wallet is another way to AUTO PAY your invoices with Bloom (see guide)

Tips to remember:

  • Your products will NOT automatically show up onto your website
  • You must manually go through each product and make them available to your “Online Store” and into the correct collections to have them show you’re your website.
  • The best way to find all of the Bloom Dropship items is to go into “Products” and “tagged with”. Type in “Bloom”. This will give you a list of all items that have synced over.
  • New Arrival launches will use the tag “Bloom 11-01-22” (using the appropriate date)

Happy Syncing!