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How Bloom Drop Ship Works

1. Apply to our fashion dropship services by filling out a short questionnaire about your business and goals so we can determine if we're a good match.

2. Once approved 🤗, you can access this site to extract our product images and data to sell across all of your platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can also purchase samples to showcase in a live online sale or in person at your home or store.

3. After making a sale 👏🏼 and collecting payment, simply purchase the item(s) on our website, fill out the customer’s information, and then we will process and ship for you! Your boutique name will even appear on the shipping label as if it shipped from you.

4. You can sync your Shopify website with data feed and all of our products will instantly upload to your site and keep accurate inventory. We can even sync orders so you don't ever have to input any customer shipping information again!

5. Still have questions? No worries, once signed up, you will find step-by-step instructions, tutorials and best known practices on our website to help you successfully run operations and utilize our services.


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Testimonials From Boutique'S

I have a store front boutique and use the drop shipping service/products for my instagram and fb live sales. The clothing sells great.

Janice L
Wilmington, NC

Their products sync with my website and they are compatible with Shopify and Commentsold. Makes my life much easier :)

Olivia K.
Owensboro, KY

I need competitive pricing and I would say they have the best prices out of all the drop shippers I've worked with.

Ashley R.
Florence, KY

Can't say enough good things. I've loved my experience with Bloom and very much appreciate their prompt customer service.

Elizabeth N.
Lake City, FL

My ladies love the product and fit.

Samantha J.
Augusta, GA

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Learn how zip code protection is serving our customers and giving them the confidence and tools to become a unique drop shipping operation.