Help and Guide

The below tutorials and guidelines provide everything you need to get started and grow your business.

    How to Sync with Bloom Inventory

    • Sync your Shopify web store with our inventory and data feed.

    Create a Shopify Web Store (tutorial)

    • 40 minute tutorial that outlines how to build a Shopify store.

    Selecting Product (tutorial)

    • A detailed overview on how to select products and extract information and images for your site. 

    How to Collect Money (tutorial)

    • You've sold an item! Now learn how to collect payment from your customers.

    Price Guidance

    • Cost vs. benefit analysis of different pricing strategies.

    Live Sale Tips (tutorials)

    • Learn first hand from established boutique owners how to operate a successful live sale.

    Purchasing Samples

    • Take advantage of live sales with a line-up of clothing samples to showcase.