SyncLogic: How to Ignite Boutique Sales

Bloom Dropship is all about boutique fashion, automation and sales growth. So what better topic to discuss than a 3rd party app that allows you to seamlessly integrate your Shopify site directly to the parent store? In this case, Bloom Dropship. It allows that store/wholesale company to send you products, photos, descriptions, inventory tracking and pricing directly to your dashboard.

What are the first steps?

First and foremost, before connecting through Sync logic, you want to create your Shopify webstore. Design the homepage, create your logo and graphics, create product collections, navigation menus, etc. This will make product organization much easier.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve designed your website, you can download the Sync logic app directly in your Shopify site. Adjusting settings within Sync Logic will allow you to make changes to parts of the integrated products, such as price, description, images, title. It’s best to NOT alter the setting for inventory tracking and quantity, that way Sync logic will update inventory in real time, helping avoid overselling. For step-by-step instructions and the Bloom request code, CLICK HERE.

Once you’ve connected to the parent store using their unique connection code, you can then change pricing to meet your boutique needs, select which items you want on your website and start selling.

What happens when a customer purchases?

Sync logic then becomes your best friend. Sync logic will automatically talk with the parent store you’re connected to, telling them that you’ve had a customer order. That parent store will then automatically email you an invoice. Once you pay your invoice (wholesale cost and shipping), the products on the order are removed from inventory and secured. The final order is then processed within 24 hours during the weekday, or 48 hours if received on the weekend.

Sync logic really takes a lot of backend work out of your day. Think about how much time you can save without having to upload inventory, write product descriptions, track inventory, add photos, you name it! So let us do the work for you and let Sync logic be your new assistant!