Welcome to Bloom Dropship: Information to Get Started

We are excited to have you join our team! We try to make buying and marketing Bloom's on-trend clothes and accessories as easy as possible. But if you are new to our services, please read the below helpful information to get started:

Weekly Presale:

Every Tuesday at 8:00am EST we post a new presale that contains over 20 fashion items. The purpose is to buy samples (two pieces per style allotted) and download images for marketing purposes. Think of it as a “sneak peek” of what's launching the next week and to prepare for live sales or other pre-launch activities. NO ORDERS are taken during the presale. Customer orders begin Tuesday, 8am EST when the presale converts to a weekly launch. 

Weekly Launch:

Every Tuesday at 8:00am EST the prior presale converts to a weekly launch. This is when customer orders begin and all products sync to your store if you use Shopify and the SyncLogic app. If you don’t use Shopify, you can order on the Bloom Dropship website to ship items to your customers. Your boutique name is on the shipping label and items ship in a colorful polybag. No receipt or packing slip is included. All invoicing is between you and your customers.

Order Processing / Shipping:

It takes 1-2 days to process orders and 3-5 days for shipments to be received depending on zip code. We prioritize sample orders during the presale to ensure you receive the items prior to the launch. Please try to place presale orders on Tuesday. When your order(s) ship, you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking number. 

Shipping Cost:

Shipping is weight-based to align to USPS and FedEx shipping rates. Below are the cost rate tiers: 

-- Under 1 pound is $3.99 
-- Between 1 and 1.5 pounds is $8.99 
-- Between 1.6 and 5 pounds is $9.99 
-- Over 5 pounds is $12.99 

Email shipping confirmations list the package weight, and each product page on our website/Shopify lists the weight in lbs. to help calculate the cost of shipping.

Private BDS Facebook Group:

We offer a private FB community for customers where you can participate in ISO (in search of) and De-stash. You can also see restock updates and receive helpful information and support from fellow colleagues. Join here: www.facebook.com/groups/bdsgrouppage/


If you use Shopify, this link provides instructions on how to set up and connect SyncLogic to Bloom Dropship to have products automatically sync to your store: Sync Your Site with Bloom Dropship Inventory – Bloom Drop Ship (bloomwholesale.com)

Other Tips and Tricks:

Help and Guide – Bloom Drop Ship (bloomwholesale.com)

For any order issues, address changes or business related questions, the fastest way to get help is to email customer support at: info@bloomdropship.com