Sync and Automate

Bloom uses the Synclogic application too effortlessly sync products (inventory, images, descriptions) and orders. This amazing technology, which is currently available on Shopify stores, frees up time spent on uploading products and inventory for marketing and selling more.


Sync Orders

Sync works perfectly for drop-ship services, you can enable SyncLogic to automatically send your orders to Bloom.  All shipping details and product data are instantly sent the moment an order is recorded on your site. Inventory Updates in Real Time!


SyncLogic allows you to sync inventory in real time to your store. This makes sure that you never sell out of any products. Our inventory data is exactly the same as  yours. 

Product Integration 

Bloom releases 20-30 styles every week. If you are sync'd with us, these products will automatically populate on your store every Tuesday. This saves dozens of hours and time spent uploading and managing products.