Selecting Product: Step-by-Step Instructions

Once logged in, view all the collections by clicking on the category tabs located on the menu bar and the side navigation tabs. 


Click on the most recent "Weekly Release" collection to view newly added styles. All weekly releases are categorized by date to help you select products with the highest number of available stock. The older the weekly release date, the more likely it will have low inventory or styles out of stock.

If you have a Shopify store and use SyncLogic, all images and product descriptions will automatically sync to your store and show real-time quantities available.

The "Pre Sale" collection on the menu bar allows you to preview the upcoming weekly release and purchase samples one week prior to the presale going live for customer orders. Two pieces per style are allotted to each customer during the pre-sale period.

Product Page:

Once you click into the product page, you will see four variables: Price, Brand, Description and Fabric/sizing information. 

 1) Price and Brand

  • The first item listed on the product page is the brand (Haptics, 7th Ray, BIBI, etc.).

  • The second item is the title of the apparel item and the style number.

  • The third item is the wholesale price.

  • For guidance on pricing items please visit this page

2) Sizing

  • The size boxes are just below the price.

  • Once a size has been selected you will see the quantity currently available. 

  • Knowing "available quantity" is important if you don't sync bloom inventory to your site as it will help you decide if their is enough stock to post and sell on your store.

  • This page will help you do three things: Get images and information to post on your site, order an item for your customer, or purchase a "sample item" to showcase in a live sale or in person with customers. Click on this page to learn more about purchasing samples. 

3) Description

  • The description section describes the fabric content, model size, clothing measurements and a flavorful description (we do the work for you– simply copy/paste this information to your online store along with the images).

  • Each weekly release contains a link to download all images to your hard drive. If you have a Shopify store and use SyncLogic, all images, information and inventory will automatically sync to your online store.