Listing Product: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

There are three places to create a store and connect with customers: Facebook, Instagram and a custom website.


Facebook and Instagram give you the best opportunity to create a successful online business.

If you are knew, you most likely have an established personal facebook page already that is connected with hundreds of family and friends.  You can utilize this tremendous asset to build foundation of customer for your boutique.In fact most businesses that start out, start out selling to friends and family first and then move on to new potential clientele as they build their business. What we find is that many friends and family take pride and joy in helping you build your business. 

You have the choice of selling through your personal facebook page or building a facebook business page. Hopefully at some point you will build a beautiful business page equipped with a catchy boutique name and a cute banner. You can use your personal facebook page to promote your business page to your friends and family.  This business page will allow you to list products and promote live sales that customers can tune into and purchase items. 

View this page to review the product page and how to successfully extract info and images to list on your social media platforms. 

View video tutorials here to learn how to create a successful live sale. 

Custom Website

A custom website can be more hassle then helpful if you're just starting out. They aren't too costly but they can be time intensive. Unless you're able to put a lot of effort and time into developing a website you may want to hold on making a website.  We find that a custom website can negatively effect a business if you're unable to create a professional aesthetic site that can attract your customers. 

Let's say you do have the time and perhaps money to hire a web designer and you are ready to take your business to the next level.  We advise the following web ecommerce platforms to work with.

Shopify, Volusion and Bigcommerce

All three sites are trustworthy and have over a decade of experience serving online retailers. They have basic and professional plans that range from $30/month to $300/month, from our experience the basic plan is all you need. 

If you're new to website building, I would say the most important aspect of building a website is the customer service. Shopify and Volusion have all of their tech support out of the U.S. and although they are not available at all times of the day they are open they will assist you almost immediately and resolve any issue. 

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