How to Collect Money: Step-by-Step Instructions

You've sold an item! Congrats!

So how do you get paid?

First things first, head over to to make sure the product you sold is still in stock. Or maybe you sold it on your Shopify store and sync'd your inventory with ours, in that case you won't need to check our site.

Never send an invoice or charge the customer before you know for certain the item is in stock. This will save you a ton of trouble in the unfortunate event that the item sold out.

Keep in mind, if an item sells out on our website, email to check if we have the item in reserve or if it will be restocked.


Collecting Payment

There are two ways to collect payment, manually and automated. Let's go over both:

  1. Manually: Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and Square are currently the most popular cash platforms that you can utilize. Manually locate the customer on the platform, plug in the price, send the invoice and await payment. The whole process doesn't take more than a couple minutes and if you're just starting out, I would advise going manual.
  2. Automated: If you're really growing sales and traffic, and it becomes harder to keep track of those sales, a solution to handle this volume is an automated route that generates links you can post with the product. Once the customer clicks on these links, it sends them directly to an online invoice where they pay for the item. CommentSold is the most comprehensive automated payment system out there on the market today. If you are unfamiliar with CommentSold or similar apps, there is quite a lot to learn. Luckily, Commentsold has a ton of tutorials on their Youtube page that does an amazing job of explaining everything - we have listed a couple below.

Once you collect payment, proceed to the website to purchase the item and have it shipped. 




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