Order Processing and Check Out

Now comes the fun part! When you sell an item(s) on your boutique site, the first step is to check Bloom Dropship to verify the style and size is available. If the item shows “out of inventory,” email: info@bloomdropship.com to check for reserve or if the item will restock. 


Next, order the item(s) on the Bloom Dropship portal, pay the wholesale price and enter the customer shipping information. Please note that on the checkout page are two boxes: "Billing" and "Shipping." Input your customer address under "shipping." Under "Billing," your address will automatically pop up.


There are two options for shipping: "Use an existing address" or "Use a new address." This is where you will enter the customers shipping address. Keep in mind the shipping label will show our address but list your boutique name (blind shipment).


For new customers, once you input a customer address the system will automatically save and archive it for repeat purchases. Simply find and select the customer's address by selecting the tab, "Use existing address" in the shipping box field.


Lastly, review the item(s) in the cart, make sure the payment option is checked, proceed to check out and you're good to go! Once the order is received, the item(s) are processed and shipped to your customer within 1-2 days. You will also receive an email with the tracking number. Daily transit updates can be shared with your customer or you can simply retain it.

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