How and Why to Make Fit & Style Videos

Marketing your fashion offerings in a visible way is key to a successful boutique business, whether you have an online store, a retail front or both. In this blog we discuss the value of fit & style videos and how to make them. So, let’s get started! 

Why make fit and style videos?

You may be surprised to discover that one of the most important aspects about fit and style videos is that they help your customers get to know you! Making and posting fashion videos is not only a way to show the intricate details of an item, but also a way to build a relationship with your clientele and help them feel like they’re seeing the pieces personally. If you only have an online store, videos play an important role to show and style selected pieces.

Where to start?

Start by setting up a designated space to film your videos. Since you are inviting customers to a virtual “space” that reflects your boutique, give thought to the décor and the brand image you want to project. You don’t want it cluttered, but you also don’t want it to look like an empty, blank canvas. Try to set up a space near natural light to display the true colors of the pieces. If this is not an option, using a box light is a good replacement to avoid having shadows on the wall or on the space behind you. Purchasing a tripod to set up your camera/phone that has a remote-control feature will also be worth the investment.

Now that you’ve set up your space, it’s time to purchase samples and start practicing! Practice makes perfect; but go easy on yourself and don’t expect perfection the first go around. In the beginning, it’s typical to make cuts and edits.

How to film?

Start off by practicing! Once you’re feeling confident, you got this!

Fit & style videos are typically under one minute. Start with the name of the item or items that you’re showing and discuss the fabric content, as well as the fit and feel. Share the size you are wearing and state if it fits true to size, loose, etc. You can recommend sizing up or sizing down and what you would style it with, especially if you are showing it with other accessories or pieces you offer. Show all angles of the item, but don’t get too crazy on this point since you don’t want to be talking with your back to the camera. Once you’ve gone over the basics of the fit and style, voilà, the end! 

Click here to view an example of a fit & style video.

What else can you do with sample items?

Every Tuesday at 8am EST, Boom Dropship posts a presale selection to give boutique owners time to purchase samples and begin pre-marketing activities prior to the launch going live. Fit & style videos are only one way to utilize samples as there are multiple ways to market samples. Making flat lays, photographing yourself styling the item, conducting a live sale or making TikTok reels are just a few other examples.

Of course, the goal with all these different options to display samples is to SELL THEM! And you don't have to keep every sample you purchase; rather, use the samples to fulfill customer orders that want the same size that you styled. Just ship it directly to your customer vs. using dropship. Do you have questions or feedback? Email Good luck and have fun!