Utilizing Bloom TikTok & Video Reels

You cannot be in the 21st century without seeing or hearing TikTok videos or what is commonly known as “Reels.” Short form videos are the way of social media these days. People don’t like to sit down and read a long blurb, even if it’s about something they want to purchase or something they’re interested in. Consumers would rather “see” the item and are more apt to purchase from something they saw on a video rather than something they simply read about.

What are TikTok Videos and Reels?

They are both short form videos that can be used as advertising, selling or telling a story. Each platform has its own native reach, however, some allow interchanging. TikTok however, will only allow you to use their platform and sounds with videos for posting.  Reels are native to Instagram, but Facebook will allow you to repurpose a TikTok.

What are the main differences?

TikTok videos can be up to 60 seconds long. You have more sounds and song options on TikTok along with more editing and filter features. However, with Reels, you are advertised more and promoted to a wider audience. Reels can only be up to 30 seconds long; short, sweet and to the point!

How To Create Them

First and foremost, you need to search trending topics and sounds. These don’t always have to be relevant to clothing or selling, but you can make it your own and add a twist. Searching popular hashtags to use when posting is also important. And incorporate them into your captions. Utilizing the same 10-12 hashtags per post will keep you seen.

When posting, use a catchy phrase in the caption, or on the first “slide” of the video. This will engage your shoppers and the key is to get them to watch until the end, making you more “relevant” in their feed.

Always be yourself. Don’t try to be style for style doing what someone else did. Be authentic, be entertaining and most importantly, practice and don’t be afraid to mess up.

You can also create and batch lots of videos to save and post at a later date. Saves lots of time! 

Where and How to Use Them

Of course, using Reels and TikTok videos on their own platforms makes the most sense. But with reels, you can take a TikTok and post it on the site and still be “approved.” TikTok does not allow using reels. You can also post these to your Facebook group or page as a way to show items or just show off your personality to your VIPs!

Videos get more engagement and views on Facebook and Instagram over static wall posts. They are currently leading the algorithm, so what are you waiting for? Get creative! If you have comments or feedback, please email info@bloomdropship.com.