Using Facebook and Groups to Grow Business

Are you just starting a business and developing a Facebook page? Do you want to take the next step and create a private VIP group? Facebook is a great way to get your brand out there and to be seen, and with a big rise in social media selling, we don’t want you to miss out! So please read on.

Why do you need a business page?

The business page on Facebook is like the store front of your business. It’s public and can be found by anyone searching for boutiques on the platform. Make sure you have a “location” so if someone is looking for a boutique in your area, you’ll show up.

Keep your business page just that: business. Posting 2-3 times per day is ideal and be sure to use tags and links to direct people to your website or Facebook shopping catalog. Sprinkle in a small mix of personal posts just to make sure people know you are “human.” But remember, your business page is business.

You can also use your business page to run Facebook ads as well as do live sales and share your page. Remember to always comment back, respond and engage so Facebook followers know that your business is relevant. 

Why use Facebook groups?

Your group is where you can get real and raw. This is your private community of shoppers, your VIPs! Make your group a safe space where people are comfortable asking questions, showing photos and being active. You want your shoppers to like, know and trust you, so be YOU!

Start this group by inviting your friends and family and asking them to invite those that WANT to be there. Don’t invite everyone and their aunt just for the sake of growing your group. You only want people there that want to be there.

Your group is where you’ll spend a decent amount of time posting; anywhere from six to twelve times per day depending on what you have going on. Always comment back and engage and don't always just post about selling product. Post engaging things, such as contests, games, prizes, birthdays and more! Encourage your group to share selfies and photos wearing your items.

Go live! And you don’t always have to go live selling you items. For example, you can go live about something awesome that you just bought or something you just did; like reading a new book or attending a local concert. Be real and authentic.

Are you overwhelmed?

Of course, you are! Why? Because this business is work, but it’s worth it! So, get ahead of the game. Set up a content calendar a week in advance so you know what you’re posting and when. Pre-schedule your posts ahead of time using Facebook Business Suite or another third-party platform. Keep your colors, wording and branding true to your business. That way when people are scrolling and see your post, they’ll know it’s you and will want to look.

After a few months of consistency, analyze your group and page. What times of the day are posts getting seen more? What posts are getting most engagement and traction? What style of posts do best?

Remind yourself:

In summary, it is okay to miss a day but remember to SHOW UP! Also remember to be real and authentic. Don’t try to be like someone else’s boutique, because you are not them, you are YOU! Do what works for you, not what is working for someone else. Lastly, have fun and keep the creative juices flowing! Do you have feedback or comments? Email: