Setting Sales Strategies & Goals For 2023

If you’re considering setting sales goals for 2023, don’t delay any longer. The new year will soon usher in, and you have everything to gain by putting pen to paper to create sales strategies to grow your business in 2023.

How do I Start?

Start simple. Look back at 2022 and make a list of your best-worst months. But as you rate the months, look at what you did to have higher sales and what might have happened in the lower sales months. Did you have lower sales months because it was a “J” month? Were you on vacation and not as active on social media? Did you do extra live sales to make a month extra good? Did you plan out a month with more intention that resulted in increased your sales?

After rating previous monthly sales, look at your yearly sales and your yearly expenses. Do you know your actual profit? Profit and sales are NOT the same thing. Did you make a profit, break even or maybe you’re even in the red?

Take a deep breath and make a list of your “fixed” expenses. What you NEED to run your business and how much does each fixed expense cost? Then make a list of your “non-fixed” expenses and their cost, things that you like to have, but you DON’T need. Add them together and take your average mark up to find out what your base monthly sales are to just break even.

How do your months compare? Are you selling enough to break even? If you’re not, or it’s close, you need to cut back. Run your business lean!

Set Goals

Plan out your big goals for the year, then plan your smaller goals that will bridge you to your big goals. Break them down quarterly and monthly. Don’t try to take everything on at one time. Make your goals SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. Create your vision board; make sure to mix in business, family and pleasure, because it’s ALL important!

Start the Year Slower

The dreaded “J” months are sometimes the worst. Use your time wisely! Get a planner, calendar, do some trainings, revamp your website, evaluate social media. And remember, take some time off! It’s okay to take a mental break, you need it!

Plan Sales Strategies

Take a look back at what things you did well and what things were a flop. Do your goals for this year include any giveaways? Plan for them financially now. Evaluate your mark up and profit margins, maybe you need to increase? Maybe you need to rethink your free shipping threshold? Have you analyzed your social media? Maybe it’s time to adjust the time of day you post, or the style in which you post?

The most important factor about setting sales and goals, is that it gives you a solid perspective. By taking time to compare, analyze and plan, it will help you go into the new year with a clear and open mind. It will also remove risk and increase success. It’s time for a fresh start!

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