How to Create a Successful Boutique Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping has become an exciting new venue for mom-and-pop shop owners to connect and sell to their customers in a low cost and efficient manner.

The backbone of drop shipping are technologies like Social media, ecommerce platforms and an array of applications that connect the manufacturers, boutiques and shoppers together in a beautiful concert of production and purchase. 

Taking note of this, the components that are going to allow you as a boutique owner to find success in this industry are the advancing and unique technologies. Let's discuss the first.

Live Shows 

We all grew up watching the highly entertaining home shopping networks and maybe even bought a couple things from these telecasts. I'm sure no one would have imagined that technology would soon advance enough to where anyone with a computer, facebook and camera could potentially broadcast to hundreds of people in the same manner.

drop shipping live selling

Live shows are not only a reality but they are crucial in taking advantage of the drop shipping business. Live shows offer you a unique and personal way to connect with your customers, something no one in the entire industry can provide.  So how exactly does it work?

When you sign up with a drop shipper like bloomdropship, you can purchase samples of the clothing pieces you want to showcase. When you are set-up and begin your facebook live feed, you can showcase your samples or even try them on to demonstrate the fit and style to viewers. You can have customers place orders several different ways, such as:

    • providing a link to your Shopify website where they can find the clothing item (s) to make a purchase.
    • commenting on the facebook live feed with their name/email and selection. You can then review the feed, gather the information and enter an order to have it shipped out.
    • using a service like commentsold that allows your customers to make a comment on the facebook live feed for items they want to buy. The service instantly compiles and sends an order and invoice. 

What's great about live feeds combined with drop shipping, is that you can have a war chest of stock and styles to sell without having to own anything apart from samples. The power of drop shipping is that you have a team behind you that does all of the work. 


Having live shows and a fancy e commerce website is great but getting people to look at it is possibly the most difficult aspect. There are really two ways to get the attention of an audience, and unfortunately one of those ways will cost money.

Advertising can get you in front of an unlimited amount of people, but do you have hundreds of dollars a day to spend on google/facebook ads? The second, more economical way is to organically create a network. The good news is you are already doing this -- most boutiques start out by selling to friends and family and those they are acquainted with. But how do you expand beyond that?

Here are a couple innovative ways we think you can do that:

  • Start a YouTube and social media channel (specifically around fashion) and create compelling media that builds an audience.
  • Offer special promotions to create a viral effect. Posting clothing at amazing prices or discounts and getting likes on facebook can spread to others and bring them into your space.


Having great consistency and a routine is key to building a strong drop shipping boutique. Here are a few things to consider for consistency:

  • Releasing new arrivals on one or two specific days makes a memorable impact for the customer and draws them in each week.
  • Keeping prices consistent. I would make an equation for your price setting so that the customer knows what to expect and that they will always get a fair price.
  • Having your live show on a specific day much like the new releases will make a memorable impact.
  • Each week or month releasing a special promotion is key to exciting your customers.
  • Consistent emails sent every other day with new products and promotions will keep your boutique fresh in your customers minds.

At the end of the day, the most important aspect to making a successful boutique is offering great customer service, competitive prices and hard work. Between your boutique and Bloom Drop shipping, most of your bases are covered!