Gear Up for Summer Sales & Transitional Styles!

If you're in the fashion business, timing is key when it comes to summer sales and offering transitional styles. August is just around the corner, and while consumers are still soaking up the sun during this time, they will soon wind down summer shopping and instead look for sales and new transitional styles as temperatures change from summer heat to crisp fall air.

Transitional styles are pieces that carry your customers from season to season and can be dressed for summer or fall. Offering transitional fashion pieces can help to maintain sales in between seasons, while taking advantage of seasonal sales like summer blow-outs can increase sales for boutiques. 

A rule of thumb for summer blow-out sales is a price reduction by 30-50 percent. Remember, price reductions must be large enough to be considered a “blow-out” sale and be a bigger discount than previously offered (i.e., July 4th or Memorial Day sales). Get creative, like offering a two-for-one sale or free shipping for a limited time. Discounts go far toward generating customer happiness and increased sales. The middle of August is typical for summer blow-out sales. 

Transitional fashion typically follows summer sales and are great wardrobe editions while the weather is changing in various climates. When selecting transitional apparel, look for warm tones, neutral colors and fall prints like plaid. Select designs with texture and mid-weight fabric, and look for styles like cardigans, tunics, palazzo pants, vests and midi-dresses. Other excellent choices are tops with bell sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or long sleeves that can be scuffed half-way up the arm.


When selling transitional pieces, showcase stylish contrasts such as a long-sleeved dress in a neutral color accompanied by a colorful scarf. Or a sleeveless maxi dress with a hoodie and platform sneakers that work together as summer blends into fall and autumn. For dresses, rompers or shorts, style with suede hats or ankle booties to give them a fall look.  


To support your summer blow-out sales, Bloom is gearing up for a summer blow-out sale with price reductions of up to 50 percent (this is a partnership, after all!). And to assist you with beefing up your transitional apparel product line, weekly fashion launches will begin to include transitional styles by the middle of August with summer styles phasing out in September. 

Enjoy selling full-priced summer apparel through early August but be sure to plan for summer blow-out sales and the switch to transitional pieces with fall weather around the corner. Taking advantage of seasonal consumer purchasing trends is good for business – so start planning now!