Dropshipping: A Risk-Free Way to Manage a Fashion Boutique

The fact you are reading this blog, tells us you have an interest to start a new fashion boutique or manage your business in a new way. Whichever is the case, retail analysts agree that dropshipping offers a low-cost entry for start-ups, while helping established retailers shave off expense for storage, shipping and labor. But finding a dropshipping service that offers quality, on-trend fashion is key for success.

Bloom Wholesale has a track record of buying the latest fashion trends for boutique owners and passing down big savings due to our relationships with manufacturers in the L.A. Fashion District. But despite our large inventory and cost savings, too many inspired fashionista's come to our site only to leave without buying start-up inventory. Why you ask? Upfront capital, risk of unsold inventory, and storage and shipping costs are big barriers to starting a boutique.

Bloom Dropship services can save you thousands of dollars in start-up costs. We also help you sell on-trend fashion apparel without having to pay upfront for the merchandise (only pay for what you sell). This means you can test on-trend fashion without risking your hard-earned capital; reduce labor, shipping and storage costs; and spend more time on marketing to grow your boutique.

Whether you want to start a boutique or reduce costs for a current business, Bloom Dropship services can jump start your business. We offer more than a new business model – it’s a partnership and services program with no minimum orders or contract. 

The Benefits of Bloom Dropship

So you’ve designed a Facebook, Instagram or online website and are ready to shop for clothes. After all, it’s all about the clothes! You find a clothes wholesaler but discover there is a minimum order required of $3,500 dollars. Scrap that! Next you find a drop ship company like Oberlo who lists thousands of clothes for a service fee. But the selection is daunting. Quality is questionable. Your rival can buy the same thing.

Bloom Dropship services is different. For a small monthly fee, we offer a customized service where we hand pick amazing fashion for you and post 20 new styles and accessories each week. We also offer essential boutique and business services that will save you considerable expense, such as: 

  • Marketing & Buying—We research trends, buy, hire models and create adorable photos for you.
  • Cataloguing—Our team writes the style, fabric and sizing descriptions. You cut and paste.
  • Customer Support—We facilitate questions and process returns to free up your time.
  • Training & Coaching—We want you to succeed! Use email support and training webinars.

You will also receive zip code protection to protect your brand and exclusivity. And since your success is our success, we offer ongoing support, such as training videos, tutorials and customer chat/email. Below are four reasons why drop shipping is changing the industry:

  • No Inventory! Select and upload fashion pieces to your store and only pay for items sold.
  • No Storage! We hand select quality, seasonal, on trend clothes and store them for you.
  • No Shipping! Leave the hassle of processing orders, packing and shipping to us.
  • No Risk! Pay for what you sell. Never a loss. Zip code protection and brand exclusivity.

Scale your boutique quickly and reduce time, cost and risk with Bloom Dropship. We look forward to being your partner and helping you succeed in the exciting and lucrative field of fashion!

Click here to apply now. Still have questions? Feel free to email us at info.bloomdropship@gmail.com.